About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to assure sanctuary for homeless animals and encourage responsible pet ownership.

Our Goals

Prevent cruelty and alleviate suffering among animals; provide temporary housing and facilitate animal adoption whenever possible; guard the health and safety of the community by working to minimize unwanted population growth, and by helping in the control of lost or stray animals. 

Our Vision

Cultivate an environment preventing animal cruelty and alleviating suffering while enhancing the quality of life for animals and people.

Our Setup

Our building has been here for roughly 15 years and we have an awesome setup to provide the best care for the animals that we can.

There are 44 dog runs in the kennel, each with its own drain for easier cleaning. The kennel is divided into three sections, two for adoption and one to isolate the new dogs coming in. There are also 15 outdoor runs the dogs are rotated through twice a day. They all receive at least a 20 minute walk or bike ride five days a week. We also utilize our community room and exercise yard for play groups 3 hours every morning.

For cats, we have three separate banks of cages they stay in during their stray hold or quarantine period, depending on the condition they arrive in. Once they become adoptable, they move to a final bank of cages where they wait for a spot to open up in of our three, free roaming cat rooms. Rooms are divided by age, adults (3 years and up), teenagers (9 months-3 years), and kittens (8 weeks). Free roaming rooms provide picture windows to look out, shelves for climbing and relaxing, and enrichment with other cats.

The lobby has plenty of room to display adoptable critters such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters. Our community room is also used for potential adopters to interact with animals, community events and fundraisers, and staff meetings.