Hello there! They call me Rhodes. I am a happy beagle boy with a free spirit and a heart of gold. I was brought in as a stray 10/2/18 and I weigh 45 pounds. I am tall for a beagle but I have the nose and ears for the job! I have cute speckles all over my legs and I am so handsome! I am a senior guy (7 years old) but I still have lots of pep in my step! I am smart and my nose could get me in to trouble so I need to be in a home who can either keep me leashed outside or with a fenced in yard. I like to play with toys and go for long walks. I am a good cuddler too! Kids would be okay with me as long as they weren’t too scary, and didn’t chase me around or run and scream. That gets kind of scary. But I would be an awesome house watch dog because I can howl like a beagle too! If you need a partner, I am your guy!